Monday, March 8, 2010

Odds and Ends (part three)

Need a Car?
Meet Sparky. He's a black 1998 Volkswagen Golf (below is a stock photo). Unfortunately, he's not big enough to hold a second child's carseat, so he has to go. He's not perfect (after all, he's 12 years old) but he's always been reliable for me and we'd like to find him a good home. Let us know if you or someone you know might be interested.

Mimi and Papa
Vic's parents came for a visit about a month ago and stayed for ten days. It was such fun to watch Grace getting to know them better, and she's asked about them off and on since their visit. They watched Grace for a weekend so Vic and I could get away (we went to the Abendblume in Leavenworth again and had a relaxing time with the minor exception of the afternoon when Vic went snowmobiling and lost his car key somewhere along the way). Their visit was also a huge help to me during this final month of pregnancy -- Vic Sr. played with Grace a lot and took some great pictures of her, and Annette filled our freezer with meals we can enjoy in the busy time after Miles is born. Thanks again to you both!

Stay Tuned
So obviously no Miles yet. But we have a doctor appointment this afternoon and will know more after that. It's a good possibility that we'll be going to the hospital tomorrow (Tuesday) for an induction, so check back later tonight for the update.

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